Kelvin Ortega
Kelvin has been larping since August 1995, tabletop gaming since 1992, playing video games since the NES was a new thing, and creating worlds in his twisted imagination for as long as he could remember. He's a member of the Screen Actor's Guild, an amateur Comedian, a contributing artist with Choirfly, and an OK artist. He is CEO of AZG and the Lead Designer for all of AZG's projects. Additionally, he is Head of Plot and Rules for Aurum LARP as well as the creator of In Your Head LARP. When he is not riding the cycle of procrastination and inspired productivity, he can be found on stage...somewhere.

Robyn Copley 

Robyn has been larping since November 2008, tabletop gaming since 2007, playing video games since she was 5 years old, and playing board and card games for probably even longer than that. She's a technophile and self-proclaimed workaholic with a desire to perfect all of her projects and tasks. She is COO of AZG and the Web Administrator for all of AZG's projects. Additionally, she is Head of Logistics and Finance for Aurum LARP. When she is not obsessively working on one of AZG's projects, she's either cooking, eating, thinking about cooking/eating, or looking up recipes on Pinterest.


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