Aurum LARP
Aurum LARP is a Steampunk themed, boffer game located on the planet of Sha'uru. The races of the world (elves, dwarves, humans, halflings and goblins) are coming into an industrial era where the power of steam and technology are overshadowing the abilities of magic...which is also suddenly starting to wane. Great Dwarven kingdoms are becoming mercantile families and a small misdirection during a delivery of goods via Aethership ends in the discovery of a new continent - Antioch. The game takes place a few years after the first settlement is established. You, the contracted traveler, and your crew of fellow players are being asked to help explore and ultimately settle this new land, no matter what obstacles you come across...

In Your Head LARP  

The In Your Head LARP system is used ether as a free-form larp or adult party game that was inspired by Disney's Inside Out and Fox's Herman's Head. Players are broken up into groups that each play one facet (emotion) of a character's personality. Using the rules system, players are encouraged to enact a scene set whose overarching topic is set by the GM (Game Master). In Your Head LARP system is quick to set up, easy to learn, and fun to play through with your closest friends or a group of new acquaintances!


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